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One of the first stop-off points for those seeking non-mainstream event action in Tokyo is CD Gold. It’s an import CD emporium specializing in the kinds of music you won’t find in most shops (not classical right) – punk, Goth, new wave, indy rock, metal, industrial, hard core. It’s also got a flyer area where you can pick up a stack of information on Goth, industrial, and other events in Tokyo and across Japan. Sound good? Well read on….

CD Gold entrance
CD Gold shop front @ Shinjuku

With occipital glands standing out like bolts at the back of his head, Igor set off to CD Gold to see how much stuff he could scope for a question on the board. Oh, man, it still feels like the devil himself is trying to drag himself out the back of my skull, horns first I might add, but I had to go – don’t say Igor doesn’t sacrifice himself for the good of Goth.

Anyway, the place is located about seven minutes walk from Shinjuku station. You can find the map on their Web site, which has information and online shopping in Japanese, English and Chinese (good stuff guys). The shop is set back a little bit from the street so you might think you’ve missed it until you are almost upon the shop itself.

As an aside, I actually found CD Gold by complete accident when I first visited Tokyo some nine years ago. There I was, wondering aimlessly through the back streets of Shinjuku as my dark other was doing something official when I spotted this shop. I got really excited when I saw the shop and perused it’s innards – it was just like home. Little did I know that it would later pop up in my life on my quest for Goth…

Anyway, the shop is stacked with CDs, DVDs, videos and vynil from all manner of artists and genres. I actually picked up an Adam and the Ants CD last night as I was feeling nostalgic for the music that popped my eardrums when I was about ten years old – too cool! So you can find stuff like this, metal, speed metal, thrash, industrial, etc., etc. They even have a bargain bin (well small cardboard boxes) where you can pick up some interesting stuff for a few hundred yen each.

As for the flyers, you’ll need to go through the entrance (duh), go down the first aisle, and turn left to come back up a parallel aisle that leads to a dead end at the front window. Peering straight ahead you’ll see a series of flyers in plastic pockets just waiting for the taking. Igor scored eight last night, including two for Osaka and Nagoya, two for CD releases and four others (with Satanyanko’s upcoming gig where Igor plans to go visiting). Easy pickings!

Overall, the selection is incredibly expansive, leaving other great stops (like Nagano’s Broadway shops) in CD Gold’s wake. Prices are pretty good giving you access to new CDs for little more than what you’d pay for second-hand items elsewhere. Definitely a must-go place in Tokyo.


Welcome to CD Gold
CD Gold

Name: CD Shop Gold
Address: Nishimura Bldg. 1F, 7-10-10 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Tel: 03-5389-7160
Fax: 03-5389-7161
Open: 12:00 – 20:00 (7 days a week)

to get some proper rest, sleep a lot, eat properly and take a cigarette holiday. Okay, I say, fine, I understand. This is important to my health. But what about the weekends? No, two weeks of nada.

Dammit. Rest and eating are two things I do well, but life without nicotine is going to drive me nuts. In turn, I’m going to drive my cow-orkers nuts. And I think this is the kind of scenario that leads to office violence. Who’ll be the first to lose it. Will it be the nicotine-starved feind in the red corner, or will it be the rest of the department in the blue. I don’t like my chances, but I gotta do this for my physical health, even if that costs me my mental health.

This also means that I’ll be severely limited from going nuts (in the fun way) as I’ll be at home taking it easy and sleeping as much as I can. BOOOORRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGG. But I gotta do it. Fortunately the good doctor did not rule out two other hobbies of mine – namely the occaisional tipple of the bottle (yes, I’m just tippler), and writing on the site. Of course I am not about to tell daywalkers about my nocturnal etchings, so my secret’s safe with me. Actually, I must confess to confessing my alter-ego to one really cool guy at work…. but I think I frightened him.

Man, I’m not looking forward to the next couple of weeks without the tobacco.

Soul Eater

The Soul Eater devours the young
So it can live ever more
One life sustained by the blood of many
Bodies cast upon the rotten floor.

The Soul Eater infects my dreams
Sucking the marrow of life from me
To walk the day after the night
Soul eater will never let me be free.

The cries the screams from the other side
To the darkness draw me back
Like a noose of rope around my neck
I wait once form for Eater’s attack.

Who is soul Eater, why is he here
I wonder so often lying in fear
Should I sleep now or wait in fright
Will the Soul Eater attack my mind tonight.

Yet Soul Eater’s far away
Killing more people by the day
For Eater’s bed already be made
He has chosen his own crusade.

† Dec. 11, 2004 †

Damn I love the look of Blood! Looks like a medical-inspired event with something like cute medicine. Blah, I can’t read anyway. You got some fantastic costumes and heavy sounds from Blood, a dash of Lezist, more visual splash with Tokyo Michael, a group called Burst, and a couple of others in for the mix.

You guessed it, I don’t have a clue about this event – but don’t Blood look terrif?! Honestly, I wish there were a few more MP3 samples on the sites (Blood’s got about 10 to give you an idea). Go on, check it out – you might like it.

Event Information:
Event: Ummm…. Something Mutation
Place: Super Live Theater Area Takadanababa
Address: B1, 3-3-8 Takadanababa, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Club Phone: 03-3361-1069
Club Fax: 03-3361-3069
Date: Sunday March 27, 2005
Start: 17:30 ~ (18:00 start)
Price: 2,500 yen (3,000 at door)
Performers: Blood, Lezist, Tokyo Michael, Burst, XYXX and more.
Club page:

Little realizing how lazy I am, it’s taken me quite a while to start putting some links up on the site. Guess I’m somewhere between zero and twenty and there’s the lightest glaze of downloads too.

To see the links jump to the linx page. If you really need to see the rather small downloads (although with Anders Manga stuff it is quite nice). Also, I haven’t put any events up of late, which leads nicely into the begging….

If you have a link, download, event that you want up here, you can sign on to JP Goth and submit the information.

Igor will be eternally greatful ;-) .

Righto, that’s all I have today – boring ain’t I.

Well, I received an e-mail from the Auto-Mod a while ago informing me of this cool event. I mistook it for “Battle of the Bands,” when it was Bands with Battles (so I can’t read Japanese okay!). So, dressed in ever-suitable black, I headed off to see what it was all about.

The event was at Club Chop just a short walk from Ikebukuro station’s North Exit (man I hate how JR does nice yellow signs and Tobu do scatty blue signs in that place – confuses the hell out of you). From the North exit, take the road that goes at 45 degrees to the right (from the perpendicular of the tracks), walk past one set of lights and turn left at the drug store and you’ll see the club after about 10-15 meters. Good stuff.

So, there I was, paid up for the bands, my one drink and the 7-9pm nomihodai (a very useful term to know – it means all you can drink), and slinked down to the hall. It took me three minutes to find the bar, but once I was there, I just slapped the first drink token down and grabbed my motivational beer.

All cool and good. Only one other gaijin in the place, and he was surgically attached to a professional camera – even better. As I reached the 1/3 mark on my beer cup the first band got on stage and blew me away. Super Sister (I think) put on some really energetic thrash for their miniset and it freaking rocked. That first beer disappeared very quickly as Igor started to enjoy himself. If I still had my gnarly skeg shorts (I can’t skate, but who cares), this is the kind of band I could chill too.

The next band was Guilltin Terror (I think) with the lead looking like a foreman from a construction company, belting out some seriously freaking hard and angry tunes for their set. Damnable fine stuff with an edge Igor likes. Nomihodai had opened up sometime during this set, and Igor had pretty much covered the additional cost with two, three, possibly four beers.

Following that, there was the first fight event. I worked out it was a night with wrestling by that stage, so I sat down right next to the mat to ready for amateur K-1. Of course, what came on was a catfight, which featured two wrestlettes…. Pretty amazing and it looked pretty painful for the contestants, but there you go. The promoter was very glittery, all the way to his Stetson hat.

Okay, by this stage I had pretty much worked out that this is not Goth, but I had also imbibed quite a bit of nomihodai juice so just set about having a good time.

More bands came out and they were heavy metal/hard rock, sporting a lot of energy and attitude. They held their sets together well and got that place pumping. Sorry, I was just enjoying the scene at that stage and forgot to take notes, so you’ll just have to trust me. One band was a bit poppier than the others, but again, they held the set.

One of the real K-1-esque fights took place while I was getting another beer so I couldn’t see it, but I managed to get close-up floor space for the second fight. The guys were pretty big by human standards, but not like the monsters you see in K-1/Pride. The second fight was a quick, brutal affair with the winner knocking out the second-best guy in a matter of seconds. From the looks of things it was due to knee to headshot that finished the fight. Being five feet away from these guys with no rope in between made me feel relieved when the match was over.

The last act came on and, unless I’m mistaken, it was Genet/Auto-Mod doing some pretty wild industrial stuff. Igor liked it so much he was bouncing…. bounced so much Igor found himself indulging in a proto-mosh with the more enthusiastic members before locking his hand on the rail in front of the band so he could bounce in safety. Wild stuff indeed.

The highlight of the night for Igor was the handshake he scored from the lead of the last band (I think it was Genet, but he wasn’t dressed up or anything so I’m not sure).

All in all a great night out of the mainstream. Igor’s guestimate for attendance would be 100+, which makes it a pretty big do considering the size of the place (150 capacity, but that would leave very little room for Igor’s fat footsies).

Afterwards a tired and intoxicated Igor slithered into a nearby Matsuya beefbowl for a large serving of the fuel that feeds this site and found his way home to entertain ferrets like a responsible owner should.

Master Goth, Genet, will be playing on Saturday at Chop in Ikebukuro. Looks like some kind of battle of the bands type deal, but the description sounds like the battle may be a little more literal than most. Not sure, but Igor’s thinking he’ll trot off to that and see if he can squeeze in, providing he fulfills his ferret duties.

Bands are Auto-Mod, Tokyo Yankees, Mother Made Cherry Pie, Guilltin Terror and Super Sisters.

Event: Jail League Vol. 1
Place: Chop in Ikebukuro
Open: 17:30
Start: 18:00
Fee: 1900 yen (2400@door). I think that includes one drink.
* Looks like you can pay 1000 yen more to enjoy nomihodai from 19:00 – 21:00 (okay, that got my attention).

If Igor is allowed to go and can get in (limit 150 people methinks), then he’ll be sporting his regular uniform of plain black, blue specs, beanie of some description. Igor’s gone and died his hair matt black and lopped it off nice and short. He’ll look like a kind of pot-bellied, bald Neo. Feel free to scream out “Hey Igor!”

And Kobe Goths, don’t forget Sunday’s FACE/CRACKDOWN @ Otoya.


I can’t believe I have done this. It was a shameless act of wanton online self-degredation. I can barely bring myself to say it, but it is Igor’s confessional post after all. It is not that I am a Goth pretender – you may have already guessed this. It is not that I am not evil enough – I am working on it. It is something far more sinister that may very well paint Igor as…. an attention-whore.

Yes, I have gone and placed Google ads for attention…. But it gets worse…. so much worse. I have discovered that it is actually possible to snivel for visitors.

JP Goth’s on his knees
I’m begging you. Please, please,
please visit a Goth wannabe’s site.

…… I used to be a human being once ……

Wow, Japanzine’s picks are up (Check here) and there’s no mention of anywhere. Well, that does it, I’m gonna set some goals. I’m gonna make it and the first goal is….

Get JP Goth in the freaking Japanzine Best of the Web next year. Damnit, I know I’m not pretty, I know JP is sporadic, I no it dont eeven reed tooo gud (I blame society, or is that sobriety), and I know it doesn’t deliver on the photo goods (see search engine post), but I want in!!!!! Hey, you! The guy in the hat, I want in!!!! Just tell me, what I need to do!

Okay, I went through a nyotai mori stage, where every second new visitor was searching for naked sushi stuff. Basicly, I found an interesting article from one of the shukan weeklies where a reporter intrepidly went off to explore this localized ummm… delicacy. Hey, my sushi comes on ceramic bud!

I guess it sounds kind of erotic until you go through it logically – eating luke-warm raw fish after it has been served on a naked body just doesn’t sound terribly enticing. Anyway, I seemed to score quite a number of visitors with that one. Maybe I’ll have to include it on this page.

Anyway, I’m a month into the new version of the site I seem to be scoring very well with searches for things “upskirt” because I picked up a story where a celeb academic got busted for using a mirror to see up someone’s skirt.

Where am I going with this? Absolutely nowhere – this would go waaaay beyond the realms of Igor’s mundane little life. I just thought it was interesting to document a search engine quirk that brings people, possibly even you dear reader, to this site.