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December 12 is release day here in Japan and in just a few short hours, the first serious contender to Nintendo’s Gameboy series will be unleashed on the masses. Yes, I love gaming, although these days I only have time for Castlevania. Coming in at just under 21,000 yen (with tax) the PSP will be packing more power than the original PlayStation and according to the press release, PSP’s graphics will be at PS2 level. Beyond the straight system, PSP will offer the ability to get online for data and gaming, and music/video capabilities.

According to the Sony’s Oct. 27 press release:

With high-quality graphics processing capability equivalent to that of PlayStation 2, in addition to rich stereo sound, PSP offers the joy of playing full-scale 3D-CG games and viewing high resolution video images anytime, anywhere[...] To accompany the launch of the PSP system, a total of 21 game titles from SCE and third party software developers and publishers will be released by the end of this year. In addition to these titles, over 100 exciting new titles are currently in development. Innovative titles using the unique features of PSP, as well as PSP versions of hit titles that have been the drivers of the PlayStation platform will continuously be introduced.

Another pair of people have gotten together to die of asphyxiation by burning briquettes in a car with the windows sealed with tape. One woman in her early 30s and a 35 year-old man. Read it on Mainichi. I have another couple of mentions on the internet/car suicides here and here. There’s also been a bit of talk about online suicide pushers, who would be the digital equivalent of passers-by yelling “jump” to people threatening to end it all by leaping off the top of tall buildings. Not terribly nice…

Alas, the guy who got me hot for Goth in Japan, Dead at Last’s Fred, has announced the impending demise of his site. It’s damned sad, ‘coz it was a cool place to go. Fortunately, Fred’s still around, so I might catch him one day with his death kit. ;-)

The site closes on December 31st, so be sure to check it out before it’s too late!

Cheers to Jude from Sins of the Flesh for sending information on this really special event in Kobe.

Nora Keyes (ex-centimeters) will be in Kobe on December 12 along with a stack of other bands including Phantasmagoria, Legs Le Brock (Aus), Mai Sau and God Family. There’s a business of DJs on hand during the night with J@CK $H!T (Sins Of The Flesh), AnOn and Meanynini. Just 2,000 yen gets you in for a taste of transcontinental Goth and darkwave.

Just listening to some of the tunes piped into my PC from a couple of the sites while writing this up. I gotta say that this event would be the kind of trip I could get off on with pretty complex and refined sounds evincing (is that a word?) the darker side within. There’s experience and love of the arte here, that’ll go down like a well-prepared shot of Absinthe.

Here’s the details:
Event: Fade/Crack Down with Nora Keyes
Place: Otoya – Kobe (JR Sannomiya, 5 minutes walk)
Date: Sunday, December 12, 2004
Time: 18:00
Price: 2,000 yen
Bands: Nora Keyes, Phantasmagoria, Legs Le Brock (from Oz), Mai Sau, Doctor Z (US) and God Family
DJs: J@CK $H!T (Sins Of The Flesh), AnOn and Meanynini
Address: B1, 4-9-14 Kanou-cho, Chuo-Ku, Kobe (Map)
Club page: Otoya, Kobe
Contact: 078-393-2758 (Otoya)

Suicide becomes a spectator sport in Japan.

Seems that suicide sites in Japan are frequented by trolls who push the potentially suicidal into taking the next step. There have been a number of group suicides of late, generally involving individuals getting together and quietly dying together with charcoal burners in cars or sealed rooms. Take a look at December 5th’s Wai Wai.