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Hey, I got a hello message from Mina, the guitarist from Satanyanko. Mail from the stars – too sweet! Thanks Mina. Anyway, Mina passed on information about Satanyanko’s next event in Osaka, so here it is!
Looks like a riot with a number of bands spanning goth, electro/psychodelic and neo-glam (hot damn, I love live glam!) at Namba-ROCKETS! Bands include Satanyanko (of course!), JUBILEE, PDM Chemical Candy Children, Glammer Design, Loop and more. All this for 1,300 yen (1,500 yen at door) – drinks and food seperate.

Mina gave a bit more information on the bands….
JUBILEE is a famous rock band in Osaka since 1992. They use a drum machine. Sounds like gothic, glam, electro, psychedelic…

Satanyanko is “terrible and cute” Gothic rock band in Osaka. We will play at 7:30p.m.

Here’s the details:
Place: Namba-ROCKETS
Date: Thursday, November 30, 2004
Time: 17:30 (open), 18:00 (start)
Price: 1,300 (1,500 at Door), drinks & food seperate
Bands: JUBILEE, Satanyanko, PDM Chemical Candy Children, Glammer Design, Loop and more.
Address: Namba Pier 6025, 2-8-31 Namba-naka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0011 (Map)
Club page: Namba-ROCKETS

Quick heads up on a Despair gig at Maria Cuore in Shibuya. Maria Cuore should be a pretty interesting place to visit anyway with it’s darkly gothique doll displays. The place is located just across from Parco 1 and Gap near Shibuya station. Not much in the way of details at the time of writing, but since I might just forget to update later on, here they are for you.

Event info:
Event: System Error Asylum
Place: Maria Cuore
Address: B1F, Parkway Bldg. 1-20-9 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo
Phone: (Maria Cuore) 03-3499-1508
Date: Saturday December 11, 2004
Start: Open 20:30, Start 21:00
Price: 2,800 yen (includes admission, doll show admission and a REDRUM drink on entry – number receiving entry drink is limited I think)
Bands: Despair
Web site:
Club site:

Suspecting her 80-year-old husband was cheating on her, an 82-year-old Japanese lady took an axe to him while he sleeps. Fortunately for him, she only hit him with the handle, but she’s still up on an attempted murder charge. Originally seen on Mainichi, but was covered by a number of news sites. I have David Bowie’s Golden Years and The Damned’s Smash It Up playing in my head.

Another three people discovered asphixiated in two cars after burning charcoal briquettes inside. On Mainichi now, but will probably be picked up elsewhere – Noogle it. Adding a twist to the macabre, these people were older than the norm with two being middle-aged or older and the other in his thirties. The Japan Times has a little piece on suicide-related sites and the law in Japan.

One century ends, another begins,
From the darkest depths, we cusp the light,
But the Fates lead us, where they wish,
And so it is, until the f’nish.

Let Centuries III begin, Igor
† Nov. 15, 2004 †

Another cop with a kink gets caught. This time it’s an accountant/foot fetishist from romantic Kyoto caught snapping shots of feet with a hidden camera. See Mainichi’s little article.

Belying appearances, I used to do HTML back in the days when Netscape ruled the world and IE was two versions from functional. I wasn’t any good back then either – I’m a firm believer in consistency.

Last time I looked at a book was over four years ago and the last time I spent any time pretending to know what I was doing was probably three years ago. But, here I am mussing with HTML again. Mein got, the things you can do now are amazing, but it’s confusing the HTML out of me. Well, I will just have to slowly work away on my notepad and slowly learn again.

Yeah, I work on notepad. It’s an unpretentious little editor. Okay, you can see how sloppy I am with missing classes and too many unclosed tags, bad grammar, etc., etc., etc., but have you seen the crazy code some html editors come up with?! Have you tried to correct it afterwards? There was this one time I had to look at some page and all the cells in all the tables were changed to tables themselves. One part had a rats nest of 21 tables instead of one table with 20 cells.

No doubt, these editor programs are better now, but I prefer my electronic assistant to be dumb – hopefully this will help me learn and be less dumb…. hopefully.

So there’s this one guy I’ve heard of before, Mushi (that’s Japanese for insect isn’t it?). Anyway, looks like we got a Japanese answer to the shock rocker, Marilyn Manson. Is M. Manson really a shock rocker? I don’t know, he doesn’t seem that shocking….. but when I chill out with one of his discs, I find myself thinking hard-edged glam rock. Yep, I’m gonna place M. Manson in a tastefully colored box marked neo-glam.

Anyway, Mushi’s gonna be putting in a show at Pineal Presents Pagan Portrait on November 5th at Super Live Theater Area in Takadanababa (try saying that three times quick) with Pineal and Scorpions Death Rock. There’s other acts, of course, but these one’s raised Igor’s eyebrow. I must say, they have a very classy promo site (sorry Japanese only, but the pix are amazing).

And you just need to check out the horned Pineal himself. Looks like any anglo-Goth would be right at home from the first bite.

Event Information:
Event: Pineal Presents Pagan Portrait
Place: Super Live Theater Area Takadanababa
Address: B1, 3-3-8 Takadanababa, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3361-1069
Fax: 03-3361-3069
Date: Friday November 5, 2004
Start: 18:00 ~ (18:30 start)
Price: 2,500 yen (2,800 at door)
Note: Lawson Ticket L-code 38654 (don’t ask me yet).
Performers: Pineal, Mushi, Scorpions Death Rock, Radiostrip and The Candy Spooky Theater.
Web site:
Club page: