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Eikaiwa – English conversation. A pasttime that gives English-speaking foreigners employment. Here’s an interesting piece about the industry, in The Japan Times.

Nova – Japan’s biggest eikaiwa.

A couple of more interesting pieces by JT about one of Nova’s rules here and here.

If you’re thinking eikaiwa, keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Wanna find out more about what people think? Check out Lets Japan and Gaijinpot.

Zebra in a toilet

Another tidbit from Mainichi. I just want to know, what the heck the zebra was doing in the toilet (or is that a stupid question?). Read the story.

Yeah, it might be legless after a coupla Kirins, but it ain’t mad!

Interesting to see a big beer company producing a BSE-proof cow (Noogle the news). Apparently it does not have any of the kinds of proteins that would cause the mad cow disease. No doubt there will be a photoshoot after the calf is born.

The news is almost as big as the 2002 annoucement that Kirin had validated a new hypothesis of Ancient Egyptian beer brewing to successfully recreate the brew for today’s drinkers.